A home is one of life’s greatest achievements. You probably saved for quite a while in order to acquire your dream home. However, did you know all those years of hard work and investing could be brought down within a blink of an eye? Environmental tragedies, as well as other accidents, are the main culprits that can bring down your home in a flash of a second. These events lead to huge loses that cannot always be recovered. The only safety net is having the right homeowners’ insurance plan in place.

If you thought your coverage was limited to only the interior and exterior of your home, it goes even further to cover the unthinkable. Not many homeowners are acquainted on all they are eligible for in their insurance plan, so be sure to ask your agent. For example, did you know a homeowner’s insurance policy covers for the losses caused by your pet bites and scratches?

As Florida residents you know power outages are somewhat frequent and can cause damage, more so than just leaving you sleeping in the summer heat and humidity without AC! Sound systems and television sets are the worst hit. Great loss is realized when you have to throw away rotten food from your fridge, as many of your probably know. However, compensation and fridge restocking by your insurance company is an option to discuss whenever such outages and loss occur.

While reading through the insurance policy gives you an in depth insight of what it entails, some still many get confused on what it can and cannot cover. Here is a list of potentially expensive mishaps not covered by your policy.


Your insurance does not cover any damages caused by flooding rivers, lakes and oceans. While Florida is not new to Hurricanes, many companies need you to buy an additional policy to protect yourself against flooding and the destruction is causes.

Molds caused by burst pipes

This may or may not be compensated by your homeowners insurance company, so make sure to ask. In some occasions, the insurance company may only pay for cleanup if they find out it occurred naturally. However, if after investigation they notice the burst water pipes causing growth of molds was due to your negligence, then you have to stand on your own.

Separate business structures in your premises

As much as your insurance company would like to cover your home fully, unfortunately it won’t cover structures in your premises used for business. However many people fail to understand this fact. It is wise to go for an additional policy, instead of assuming those business structures are covered.

Every homeowner is different and has different needs, so make sure to discuss everything you have in your home and on your property (including if you live near a flood zone) when you contact your insurance agent to ensure you are properly covered.

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