As the weather gets warmer and days longer, there are plenty of activities picking up again. If cleaning and maintenance are not two of them, you should add them to your list. As well as making your home a much more pleasant place, they save you time and money in the long run.

Saving time and money

Time and money are precious, whether you don’t have enough or have a lot, you want to spend them doing things you like, so make sure you have homeowners insurance in place to cover those possible worse case scenarios no one ever wants to contemplate. However, homeowners insurance is only worth its value if you do your part and keep your home in good shape.

Keep your home in shape and weatherproof

Nothing sends the price of insurance up like previous claims, and nothing increases the likelihood of needing to claim like poor maintenance. The easiest option is a thorough spring clean; both inside and outside of your home. Just a day’s work now will give you plenty of freedom over the spring and summer.

Here are a few things that are worth checking and cleaning to keep your homeowners insurance provider happy and your premiums down.

Look under your home

Even if most people don’t think about what is under their feet, it’s important to remember your home doesn’t stop on the first floor. Basements (although rare in FL, they do exist!) and crawlspaces are a hive of unseen activity.

  • Take a flashlight and check the corners, pipes and vents for dirt, dust, mildew, drips, and leaks. If your vents are covered or dirty, air cannot circulate properly, leading to a build-up of moisture and eventually to mildew and mold. Let’s face it, if you could see it every day you wouldn’t want to share your home with it.
  • A small drip, like hidden mildew, is easily brushed aside but left to its own devices, will become a small, and eventually not so small puddle of standing, stagnant water. Not only does damage your property but it smells really bad.

From the bottom up

Once you have recovered from the thought of growing mold spores in your basement, it’s time to inspect the rest of your interior.

  • The first task is to check all those dark corners in the remaining areas of your home. Signs of mold means moisture isn’t escaping; clean your air vents thoroughly and do the same with exhaust fans and screens. Check all your air filters and replace any that are past their best.
  • Fire is a major cause of homeowners insurance claims, but is easily prevented in most cases; clean the back of your fridge and freezer and clear out any lint and dust from your dryer hose and vent.

Outside, sides and roof

It’s time to go outside and check for dirt and damage.

  • Take a good look at your roof. Are there any tiles missing or out of place? Get them replaced or repaired before the hurricane season hits and creates bigger holes.
  • Check the condition of the paintwork next. Peeling paint does not protect the building against any weather, especially driving rain. The same is true of damaged window and door seals.
  • Don’t forget to clean the gutters and cut back any overhanging tree branches that could block drains and vents or even damage the structure of your home.

Once you’ve finished, take a big breath, count the hours and dollars you’ve saved and enjoy the warm weather and longer days.

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Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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