by, Michael Graybeal.

If you are considering using spray foam insulation at your existing house be sure to consider these things.

If you have a newer roof the house more than likely qualifies for wind mitigation credits on your insurance. These credits can be huge. We usually see several hundred dollars a year savings on average. The problem is that inspectors need to do an inspection with photos to justify the credits. When you install spray foam it typically hides these credits (nail attachments, hurricane clips, hurricane straps, etc) in your attic. This will typically hinder you from getting these credits unless you have certified building plans on file showing those things were installed. Most people do not have certified building plans, especially on older houses at the beach.

My advice is to have the wind mitigation inspection done prior to the foam being installed. Also, save copies of the photos and inspections electronically for future reference.

I have had two clients at the beach this week that this has happened to. This Is happening on existing policies and new purchases as well.

Just trying to save my folks some ????????????????????????????????????

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