It’s been a few days since we attended REBarcamp Jax 2016. After being a title sponsor last year, we were proud to to once again be a sponsor and have the opportunity to meet so many dedicated industry professionals.  We wish Jacksonville homebuyers could witness the level of committment that we see in the insurance, real estate, appraisal, mortgage and other services. There is a force out there working tierlessley to ensure that our residents and their families have the best opportunities to thrive in the city that we love.

Hot Topics

The event was full of information and valuable resources for the 700+ professionals in attendance. While we are sure each participant walked away with their own learnings, here are our top 5:
  1. Assisting 1st time Homebuyers
  2. Reducing risk during repairs
  3. Understanding different buyers & generations
  4. How to effectively use technology
  5. Differentiation & selling yourself

Posititve Outlook

As for the outlook on the market, there were some very positive discussions including:

– Great interest ratesare still available

– Spring is expected to be a very busy market

– Seller’s market prices are up

– Rates will not sustain, so buy now if you are thinking about it!

– 365,000 people moved to Florida last year. It is THE destination state with even more demand than California

Final Thoughts

“REBArcamp Jax gives everyone who attends the opportunity to make new connections, put faces with names and rekindle current relationships. This is especially good for us at PBIG. We do business with so many of these people and rarely get the chance or time to be Face to face.”

Shaun Murphy
Owner & President, Pablo Beach Insurance

“REBar camp is such a great tool for anyone in the real estate business and those who are tied to it.  Everyone involved whether it be a realtor, title agent, insurance agent or lender are all there to help each other out.  We work with these great people on a daily basis via phone and emails but don’t get to see them as much as we want. REBar brings everyone together to help each other out and improve your business performance for the upcoming year.  I look forward to this event every year.”

Michael Graybeal
Agent, Pablo Beach Insurance

“REBarcamp is a great tool for local independent insurance agent such as myself. I seem to always learn something while I’m there. You hear of these real estate agencies and mortgage companies all the time, but it’s refreshing to finally put faces to these names. REBar is something I would suggest for any one of my colleagues.”

Spencer Murphy
Agent, Pablo Beach Insurance


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