Millennial_Insurance_FL.jpgMore and more people are looking to the internet for everything from information to making some big purchases. Pre-ordering food and groceries has decreased the need for cashiers, ordering cars online has decreased the need for car salesmen and online insurance quotes and purchasing ability has decreased the ability of insurance agents. However as convenient as online insurance purchasing can be, there are some things, such as your insurance policies that should not be left to chance by purchasing it online. Buying insurance online can be dangerous for a number of reasons, and not just because it cuts out the insurance agent.

Benefits of Buying Insurance Online

Buying insurance online has some benefits but in the short term and the long term, those benefits are outweighed by the drawbacks. The benefits are it can be done in your pajamas (like those commercials) from the comfort of your couch. Further, it can save you time by not having to set an appointment with an insurance agent to talk through the policies available to you within your price range and needs. But that is exactly why buying insurance online can be dangerous and leads to the many drawbacks.

You can still request a quote online, however you should always speak with an insurance professional before making any decisions. The best part is, you can still do this in your pajamas if you wish.

Drawbacks of Buying Insurance Online

  1. Misunderstanding. The first reason buying insurance online can be dangerous is because the quotes and policies can be misunderstood and there are few chances to have those misunderstandings explained from an expert prior to purchasing the insurance policy.
  2. Custom Quotes and Policies are more difficult to set up. Every individual, family, and business is different from one location to another, and so is the type of policy that is needed to cover those needs. An online quote and policy purchase is not necessarily able to create a custom policy around those needs of your family or business. This means you will most likely get a general policy that is good for the average person, but not necessarily what is best for you.
  3. Not assigned an individual agent to handle your coverage. After buying insurance online you may feel covered and protected. Having one client assigned to you for every potential claim you have to file is a big advantage that you may be missing out on when buying insurance online. An individual who knows your entire history from purchase to claim will be able to fight for you better than someone who was randomly assigned for that one claim after buying online.
  4. Adjusting your policy.  As businesses and families grow and change, your insurance policy should change with it to make sure everything and, more importantly, everyone is covered. If buying insurance online, you will rarely speak to the same agent twice and will lose that initial time savings by needing to explain the changing circumstances around your family or business’ insurance needs.
  5. Lack of location specific assistance. Online quotes and purchasing sites give you the ability to see a standard policy for your area. However, what it doesn’t take into account is the individual needs for your exact location and your family and business needs based on that information.

So although buying insurance online may be appealing at first, at best the quotes are a good guide for the standard packages and policies available to you. The benefits of going through an online source to buy your insurance policies, whether homeowners, auto, or life insurance, are vastly outweighed by the dangers and drawbacks. To learn more about how to get the policies that are best suited for your individual family or business needs, contact a Pablo Beach Insurance agent today.

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