Today, we are going to touch on something that I’m not sure you know that we do. We’re very big in the Medicare market in Jacksonville. We do a lot of Medicare insurance. So we are going to cover just some basics today.

Seniors, turning 65, get so confused and don’t know what to do when they are aging into Medicare. So we are going to go just over some basics.

Part A

Part A is hospitalization. That would be in-patient hospitalization.

Part B

Part B of original Medicare is doctors and physicians. When you go to the doctor. What are co-pays? What are deductibles? We can explain that to you as we go along.

Part C

Part C of Medicare would be Medicare Advantage. That’s a combination of Part A and Part B. In some cases, prescription drugs may be a part of that.

Part D

Then in Part D is prescription drugs. Now PDP would be a prescription drug plan. There are several to choose from.

We are exclusive with Florida Blue. If you need more information on the basics or want to set up a time to come see us, or talk to us, contact us here. You can review our website and all the information we have, or send us an inquiry on Info@PabloBeachInsurance.com. We’ll be glad to answer it and help you if we can. Thank you. More to come. Have a good day!

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Medicare Basics Explained

Medicare. Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D. There is a lot of confusion surrounding aging into Medicare. Today's #WhiteboardWednesday explains the basics you need to know if you are 65.Call us at 904-224-7000 to discuss your options.

Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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