Ah, Fall in Florida….

So many opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and Thanksgiving is no different! Our beautiful fall weather is great for family gatherings since there are lots we can do together to appreciate one another and express our gratitude. However, Thanksgiving can be a time of stress and frustration as we strive to create the perfect dinner, the perfect turkey, the perfect table for our families. These 10 tips should help you relax and enjoy the season, and keep you and your families safe this holiday season.

Get enough sleep the night before Thanksgiving

Hosting or traveling, you have a lot to do and lack of sleep will take its toll. Make sure to rest up before a busy day.

Eat breakfast

Many people “save calories’ by skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Wrong. Get some food in your stomach to stave off that “hangry” (you know, the “hungry” and “angry” mix) feeling later in the day when your sister’s kids are jumping on your couch. Things will stay safer this way.

Work Out

Start the day with a good energy-boosting run, walk, surf session or a full-blown workout to get your blood pumping and happy-inducing hormones flowing. You’ll be less likely to stress about your burned biscuits with some feel-good endorphins in your system!

Drink water throughout the day

Many times when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty. Keep a bottle of water nearby while you’re cooking or traveling to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed, as well as keep false hunger away.

Put on your normal jeans

We all have “Thanksgiving pants” that we pull out for the day. You know the ones that are a size or two too big and allow for Thanksgiving indulgence. Don’t do it.  Wear your normal pants and save yourself from feeling uncomfortable later.

Keep ibuprofen handy

Enough said.

Have a plan

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, have a plan. Have stuff for everyone to do. Lots of kids coming over? Have plenty of outside toys and games to keep them busy (or the latest family movie on blu-ray if it’s a wash-out where you are). Pull out old pictures or traditions to keep older family members talking and remembering good times. And of course – find out what station the Big Game is going to be on and have it on.

Make sure your Homeowners Policy is current

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for more than a roof after a hail storm.  It includes coverage for your personal property and liability. Did you get a new TV for Game Day? Make sure your homeowners policy covers any, uh, accidents to it. See #7 on this list. Did Uncle Bob get a little too into the family football game on the lawn? Don’t worry – his injuries could be covered under your homeowners policy with the right coverage.

Pay your auto insurance premiums.

Thanksgiving week is well known in the insurance business for being the single-most active claims week of the year. More people traveling and Black Friday shopping madness creates lots of opportunities for auto accidents, so make sure your auto policy is current and that your vehicles are properly insured.

Be Thankful

Take some time to actually enjoy the holiday, and remember what it’s all about.

From all of us at Pablo Beach Insurance Group, have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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