There are multiple Jacksonville Florida Insurance Companies available to consumers today. The wide availability of options can make it difficult for people, like you, who need insurance coverage, to find the best fit for their needs. This is especially the case when some insurance agents and agencies aren’t operating with your best interests in mind – just look at what happened here locally when 91,000 policyholders lost their coverage when Florida Specialty was shut down by the government.  

Florida Specialty Insurance issue in Florida

If you are a homeowner, please watch this video in its entirety and please share it. Florida Specialty who had over 91,000 policies in Florida is no longer doing business in the state effective 11/1. This is a prime example of why going with the cheapest insurance option is not always the smart way to go.Learn more about this in the video and contact us at 904-224-7000 to see if we can step in and help you. We want to make sure our Florida neighbors are protected with adequate insurance.

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It is more important today than ever to work with independent insurance agents and agencies that have the flexibility to recommend products and services that meet your needs best. Here’s what you need to know about your Jacksonville insurance buying options.

Insurance Company vs. Independent Agency

One of the most important distinctions for insurance shoppers to understand is that there is an enormous difference in what an insurance company has to offer consumers compared to what an independent insurance agency or agent has to offer. These are some of the more notable differences between the two.

The first big difference is this. An insurance company only offers one line of products – theirs. This offers more stringent requirements, fewer plan options, and less customizable coverage. Independent agents, in contrast, work with multiple insurance companies to offer a wider selection of risk aversion (meaning higher risk homeowners can still get coverage), costs, and protection.

An example would be the Keurig coffee makers. You can buy a coffee maker direct from the Keurig company. However, you can also go to stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and more and buy a Keurig. While Keurig only sells the one brand of coffee maker, you can buy coffee makers from Keurig and many other brands from these other retailers. They are not bound to only offer the coffee makers Keurig produces.

The same holds true when dealing with an insurance company rather than an agency. The company only offers their insurance products, while an independent agency offers insurance products from several different insurance providers, including local Florida insurance companies, to offer you, the consumer, more options.

Which One is Best for You?

In almost every situation, customers, like you, are better served conducting business with independent agents rather than larger insurance companies. Not only do independent agencies have local agents and customer service before and after the sale, but they also have much greater flexibility in pricing, products, and access to insurance for people who may have difficulty getting insurance through larger insurance companies.

Ultimately, working with an independent agency, like Pablo Beach Insurance Group, gives you greater customizability for price and protection, allowing you to get the insurance that truly meets your needs so that you’re covered on all fronts. Jacksonville residents can enjoy a much more relaxing insurance buying experience when working with local agencies.

That is because agents with these organizations understand the lay of the land, the unique risks local families face, and the many different types of products and services you require. Especially when it comes to protection such as flood insurance, condo insurance, and more that might be more specialized to meet your needs than a standard home policy that offers less protection than you require or fails to offer what you need at all.

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville insurance agency or agent, Pablo Beach Insurance is the only name you need to know. Contact Pablo Beach Insurance today to learn more about our quality lineup of home insurance products and services that specialize in your needs and not what is best for a specific insurance provider.

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This is NOT an average "commercial" and we are not a typical insurance agency. Take 3-minutes to see why you should insure what matters most to you with Pablo Beach. We are locally owned, with a casual approach and deliver professional results.Contact us at 904-224-7000 or info@pablobeach.shapiroinsurancegroup.com

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