There are numerous important and time-pressing decisions to be made when buying a home in Jacksonville. Especially for first-time homebuyers, it can be both exciting and stressful. For many, though, this is the first time they have ever had to compare mortgage rates, apply for a mortgage, get a credit score, shop for homeowner’s insurance, schedule appraisals and inspections, and so forth. This is on top of the stress and excitement of finding the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood that’s within your budget. Buying a home can be extremely overwhelming at times.

Don’t Skimp On Homeowner’s Insurance

With affordable homes being scarce for new homebuyers, buyers are often looking for additional ways to cut expenses and save money. One investment you don’t want to cut yourself short on is Jacksonville home insurance. It’s imperative to not look at insurance as an expense, but more of an investment. When the money is coming out of your own pocket, it’s easy to look for the cheapest options, only to regret it later when the unforeseen happens. Keep in mind, a less expensive option most likely means fewer protections and higher deductibles. The most expensive insurance is insurance that doesn’t cover your loss when you desperately need coverage.

Factors That Impact Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Even though asking the previous owners how much a home’s utility bills, property, and school taxes usually cost is a good idea for preparing for expenses, homeowner’s insurance is not based on what the previous owners paid. Many homeowners receive discounts based on age, claim-free discounts, and loyalty discounts. As a new homeowner, you will need to build credibility to receive these discounts, unless you have established history through renters insurance. If this is the case, and the insurance is a reputable insurance provider, it’s worth checking to see if the agency will recognize your insurance history and have them provide you quote for homeowner’s insurance.

A lender will require proof of homeowner’s insurance before closing the deal on your new home. With all the excitement of finding and purchasing a new home, many buyers will often neglect the insurance needed to ensure their investment is adequately protected. This can often end up limiting your options and causing you to make quick, poor decisions because you feel pressured.

Search for a Reputable Insurance Provider

When you begin searching for a new home, you should also start researching for reputable home insurance agencies in your area. Look for an agent who wants to sell you more than just an insurance policy. You want someone with a lot of expertise. Gathering referrals from those you trust is often the best way to find an agent who has your best interest in mind. If you receive multiple referrals, schedule a time to meet with the agents and ask questions to see who offers the soundest advice. The agent-client relationship requires sharing personal information at times, so trust and professionalism are of utmost importance in choosing an agent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Knowing how much coverage you need can be confusing. An experienced trustworthy insurance agent should ensure you have adequate coverage in at least four areas; your dwelling, your belongings, liability coverage, and the cost you might incur if you have to leave your home in the event it becomes uninhabitable. Be sure to ask for clarification on any terms or provisions you don’t thoroughly understand. One area that is often misinterpreted is the amount of coverage you have on your personal belongings.

Your actual cash value is what the insurance agency will pay you if you need an item replaced. They will not pay you what you paid when you purchased the item new. Replacement cost is what the insurance agency will pay you to replace or repair the item with materials of similar kind and quality. Replacement cost will not involve depreciation. Understanding the difference and knowing what you are paying for is key to getting the homeowner’s coverage you need for your new investment.

Florida Insurance Experts

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