home-contents-insurance.jpgHome and contents insurance is a term used interchangeably with home contents insurance but can differ depending on the circumstances. Home and contents insurance is an all-inclusive home insurance policy whereas home contents insurance is a policy that includes only personal belongings. So, home and contents policy covers your home and the contents of the home, to differing degrees depending on your coverage, whereas home contents insurance is more similar to renter’s insurance. So, what exactly is home and contents insurance? We provided a comprehensive list to answer that question and go over what different policies are out there under the home and contents insurance policies.

The Basics

Before we delve too far into the details about home and contents insurance, when contents are mentioned as covered, it means your possessions you keep inside your home. This includes personal property such as your computer, laptop, wine collection, kitchen appliances and even your wardrobe. Now, how detailed are the types of home and contents insurance available?

HO-1 and HO-2 are the basic types of home insurance. These are the home insurances that cover your home in emergency situations but don’t necessarily cover the contents of your home. Although HO-2 covers more risks than HO-1, in both cases it may be more cost effective to go for a more comprehensive policy if you are looking to cover your home and contents under one insurance policy.

The more comprehensive policies are the HO-3 and HO-5 home insurance policies. These cover your home and the contents, but to varying degrees between the two. HO-3 insurance is more confusing of the two but is the most popular form of home contents insurance. This usually covers damage to your home that is not explicitly excluded in the policy. Whereas HO-5 is the most comprehensive and usually covers home and contents in all instances not explicitly excluded in the home and contents insurance policy.

For most of your high dollar items, such as televisions and appliances, I am sure you know a rough dollar amount for them or can find the cost in a receipt or bank statement. However, when you take into account your wardrobe, sports gear, and other odds and ends around the house, the value of your contents (personal possessions) can sky rocket. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure those things are covered under an insurance policy that will cover the replacement cost for those items so you can get your life back together as soon as possible after a theft, fire, or other emergency covered by your policy.

Overall, there isn’t a one-policy-fits-all for home and contents insurance since each family and home is different. Instead, there are multiple levels of coverage under each home and contents insurance policy. Whether you want to add contents insurance to your home insurance or adjust your home insurance altogether, contact a local Pablo Beach Insurance Agent to discuss the options that best suits your needs and budget.

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