Going back to your just-out-of-school days where you were beginning the job hunt for a career, what was the one thing you wanted to make sure was right outside of your resume? Probably your appearance. The biggest factor in this was making sure you had the best looking and most appropriately fitting suit for your body. Something that would make you stand out and be remembered but also keep you comfortable.

Buying insurance is like buying a suit in that you want one that can give you confidence in your coverage, keep you comfortable, and fits your family or business’ needs appropriately without breaking the bank. However, just like buying any clothes or insurance, there are a couple different ways to go about it: online and through an expert tailor shop or insurance agent. Just as we would recommend going to a tailor for all your suit-related needs, from purchase to re-fitting, we have laid out the reasons why going to an insurance agent beats the online market.

Buying Online

Suits in stores and online are sold as more in general sizes, and are meant to be tailored to your wingspan, chest, waist, and inseam after purchase. Even at a tailor, they are sold this way, however, once you decide on the suit that will look the best on you, the tailor takes your measurements, makes the alterations, and then picks up a perfectly tailored suit that fits you. When purchasing a suit online, you don’t get the chance to try it on and get the alterations fit to how you want it to fit before making the purchase. The time savings you gain by searching for and purchasing online goes out the window when you have to bring it to a tailor or send the suit back for a different, and hopefully right, size.

In much the same way, when you go online to purchase insurance you save time by being able to compare and contrast different policies – all while in your pajamas if you want! So although there may be some time savings from getting a quote and being able to purchase your insurance online, you may not be getting the best coverage and price for your individual needs. If you do decide to go for a more custom (tailored) policy from an online source, you will be dealing with someone who may not be an expert and cannot relate to the needs of your location, needs, or wants from a custom plan. Further, they may not even be able to tell you if you can create a plan that meets your needs or not since they could be a representative and not a trained expert or insurance agent. For that reason, buying insurance online can be dangerous since you lose out on much more than you gain.

Buying Through an Insurance Agent

Working with an insurance agent to get the best insurance policies at the best price for your individual needs is like buying a suit from a tailor. Tailors recommend suits with the right style for your body, appropriate fabric for your environment or occasion to make sure you’re comfortable, and comes in at or under your budget. Further, once you buy the suit, and after your initial alterations, you have established a relationship with that tailor, making future alterations and adjustments much easier if, and when, you need them.

In the same way, insurance agents are more than likely from the same place you are and know what insurance policies and plans are best suited for that location. Further, as you discuss your family or business needs, the agent can make recommendations on the best way to adjust your plan to get the best coverage while staying at or under budget. Even after the purchase, the insurance agent can walk you through the steps for filing a claim or adjusting your policy as your family or business grows or changes. Whereas, if you purchase insurance through an online service, you will more than likely not talk to the same representative each time you need to make an adjustment to your policy or file a claim. This leads to frustration and a loss of time since the representatives have not been with you through the whole process and don’t know the ins and outs of your specific case.

Overall, each family and business is different in their needs and wants and, therefore, should not be sold a generic version of insurance coverage. Get the most peace of mind through the most customized insurance policy for your needs by talking to your local Pablo Beach Insurance Agent today.

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