Owning a car is only the first step towards a long, convenient, happy, and sometimes engaging life. Buying a car comes with many other responsibilities and one of them is auto insurance. This is not even debatable. In order to enjoy driving your car without running into trouble with the authorities, you need to have insurance coverage.

Among all the auto insurance coverages you have the ability to pick from, there are only two that are mandatory. Florida auto insurance law requires any car owner to have at least a minimum coverage amount for the personal injury protection and the property damage liability. These two always prove their worth when you happen to be involved in an auto accident. The good thing with Florida auto insurance is they offer some of the cheapest auto insurance coverage minimums in the entire country, depending on your personal situation.

It Only Takes One

With the hurricane season in Florida in full swing, comprehensive coverage is invaluable. Most of the time, people concentrate only on insurance coverages for floods in relation to houses, property, and life. A majority of residents forget about auto insurance for floods. The fact that a Florida will feel the effects of a major storm should be reason enough to get a Florida auto insurance quote. It’s not a matter of if you will need insurance, it’s when. More specifically, the comprehensive insurance you need has to be able to cover the care of repairs and expenses for damages caused by floods, storm, or even theft.


To be on the safe side, the following precautionary measures could prove very helpful.

  • Number one is ensuring you take pictures of your vehicle before a major storm hits. This would act as proof later on when seeking your claim.
  • Registration and insurance documentation should be kept safe in a fireproof and waterproof lock box inside the car. Digital and physical copies should be made and given to any member of the family who is a licensed driver.
  • Make copies of your car keys and leave a set with a family member who may be in a less likely flood zone.
  • You should try to park your car in a place where it is well protected from winds and floods. Inside the garage would be the most appropriate place. Avoid parking under trees or power lines since they can be blown down easily and fall on your car.
  • Seal all openings by ensuring the doors and windows are closed.

After the Storm

After the storm is over, take the time to inspect your car and see if there is any damage caused. Take pictures and compare with the ones taken previously. Should you have to drive, be on the lookout for fallen objects, weakened walls and bridges and downed electrical lines. Try and avoid flooded roads. For a damaged car, follow up on your claim should begin immediately. Should the car be declared a total loss and you still want to fix it, ensure you receive a salvage title.

Don’t just guess you have the right auto insurance coverage in place, contact us today to make sure you are properly covered before your car is swept away!

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