If you are asking “at what age do I need life insurance?”, it means you are thinking responsibly. 

Life insurance is a necessary part of your risk & financial portfolio, as well as future planning. No matter what type of life insurance you choose, timing is crucial as age is one of a combination of factors that underwriters review. The first step in selecting the right life insurance is learning how the approval process works and the best time to apply.

Qualifying for insurance depends on a few factors: Pre-existing health conditions

You’re not automatically disqualified from life insurance for health concerns, however, those with a good medical history may have better ratings. They may also have more options for the type, amounts, and terms of coverage. The more severe the health condition, the harder it may be to get life insurance.

Lifestyle/Career Choices

Are you a smoker or non-smoker? You’ll always hear that question when shopping and applying for life insurance. Since smoking is linked to terminal illnesses, it creates a higher risk to insure. Therefore, smokers get higher premiums. Other activities like motorcycling, skydiving, or scuba diving may come up. As for career choices, it’s about determining risk. Anything can happen anywhere, but underwriters calculate risk. An aircraft pilot assumes much more daily risk than a work-from-home mom.


In most cases, the younger you are the least expensive your life insurance premiums will be. For instance, a healthy 20-year-old can purchase a policy for much less than a healthy 50-year-old. As you continue waiting each year, expect the rates to gradually increase.  That’s why you should start planning for life insurance much sooner than middle age.

At what age do I need life insurance?

The earlier you get started, the cheaper it will be. Even though people are living healthier and longer, insurance companies connect mortality rate to age. You’ll also need the most insurance during your highest earning years. This is typically when you’re just beginning to save or invest. You need a safety net to supplement your income for loved ones. 

Do I still need life insurance if I am single?

Regardless of your marital status. You still need life insurance. The coverage will take care of final expenses, outstanding obligations, and dependents or loved ones.  Life changes happen all the time, so being proactive is critical. Don’t wait until you’ve started a family to apply for coverage. The best thing to do is secure life insurance while in your best condition.

When thinking about at what age you need life insurance, keep a few things in mind. Your likelihood of approval depends on multiple factors. Essentially insurance companies review health, age, and lifestyle information. Overall, it’s safe to say the younger the better.