With the 2014 NFL season in the books, finalized by a pretty great game, you may be riding high or you may be down in the dumps due to a lackluster season or heartbreaking loss last night. Either way, here are two crazy insurance coverages to keep in mind prior to next season.

According to The Fiscal Times, there are serveral little known coverages including “cold feet insurance”. We look at 2 that could dramtically impact your next NFL season.

Fantasy football insurance:

Fantasy sports are a huge business, participants take the games very seriously, and they know that a real-life injury to one of their star players could be calamitous to a fantasy season. Enter FantasyPlayerProtect.com, a new product that allows fantasy sports players to purchase insurance on their team members to protect their “investment” in a fantasy league.

Drunk guest insurance:

Officially known as “social host liquor liability coverage,” this insurance covers expenses in the event an intoxicated guest at a party you throw causes costly damage to property or to another individual. Note: If you throw the party in your own home, your homeowners’ insurance usually includes this.

Hopefully you aren’t kicking yourslef over not having these in place. These may be outside the box coverages, but hey, you never know when you’ll need them.